How Much Postage Do You Need For Wedding Invitations?

How Much Postage Do You Need For Wedding Invitations?

I always tell my clients and clients that I wish I could reverse deliver everything to them, but sadly that is not possible! As a stationer, I try to be an educational source for sweet couples, because the wedding stationery world could be completely overwhelming without someone to guide you through it!

One Of the most often asked questions out of my SJM brides is – how much postage do I need for my wedding invitations? Since USPS just increased their 2017 postage rates, I thought now would be the perfect time to answer that question!

The Way to Calculate Postage For Wedding Stationery

Create Postage Stamps For Special Occasions1.png

How many stamps do i need?

0 – 1 ounces | $0.49

1 – 2 ounces | $0.70

2 – 3 ounces | $0.91

3 – 3.5 oz | $1.12

This advice is based on the current USPS postage Prices For the most common wedding stationery prices. For a complete comprehensive breakdown of this 2017 postage pricing, please see this helpful guide through USPS!

Now that you know how much postage every weight set costs, I’m positive you are thinking about how to calculate that for your own wedding stationery! If you’re working with a stationer to your designs, he or she’ll likely be able to help you calculate the exact weight of your save the dates and also invite suite (by way of instance, I have an at-home scale that I use to help my customers!).

If you are not working using a stationer, or even if you want To be extra certain of the correct postage you are going to want before purchasing stamps, you may always take a fully constructed save the date or invitation package to the local post office to get them formally tell you the specific postage for your designs!

This is something I always recommend my brides Do, to be certain they’re getting the 100% right details. That is why it is also important to save enough time in your design process to have your save the dates or invitations shipped/delivered to you a couple weeks in advance of your mailing , so you can weigh a sample prior to purchasing your postage!

So, with this said and with all the experience I have had Designing and mailing custom wedding vases, here are the frequent wedding postage prices I have found for many different design types!

Stationery items I have weighed with my at-home scale also have compared to this Postage rates mentioned previously. Your Special suite may vary slightly from the Examples below, so please do not take the following information as 100 percent binding. I Suggest using this as a guide, and taking a package to your local USPS for completely accurate pricing!



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